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✦ A one-of-a-kind Group Coaching Experience for seasoned leaders who are ready to remove the brain fog, lead with excellence, and trust their instincts with an open heart

Perfect for CEO’s, leaders and entrepreneurs who desire a bold and joyful approach to leadership.



"I've made so much progress working with her."

It's hard to put together a group of caring, engaged people who are interested in learning. But Nicole has a gift for putting together groups that make you think, care, feel, wonder, all of it. Nicole + a great group is a powerful combination.

Working with her has helped me have a better understanding of why I do what I do and I am far less overwhelmed.

The combining of tools/visuals with thoughtful examples in Pure Gold was a game changer for me. They create a powerful sort of "pattern redirect" for my overanalyzing brain that I haven't come across before. Sustained introspection can be painful and exhausting… but NOT with Nicole. I'm always excited for our sessions! It's a combination of her coaching model, her insight, and her ability to meet you where you are. I've made so much progress working with her over the last couple of years.

Kimberly Fawcett


"Simple, profound steps brought instant relief."

During Pure Gold, we talked about vulnerable realities and topics in a way that felt very safe. Nicole's strong, intuitive, protective way of facilitating our conversations and weaving all our contributions together put me at ease. We were a group who were all seeking growth and I felt seen, heard, supported and like I belonged. Through Nicole's capable and compassionate guidance, I have a better appreciation for how I'm wired and what brings me to life. I relate more effectively with others and am more compassionate with myself. I got clarity on how to change a pattern that felt fragmented and ineffective.

Simple, profound steps brought instant relief and has given me perspective on where I want to go from here. I can make changes and create  new vantage points to determine the next move. Nicole doesn't market and sell a cookie cutter program based on something that worked for her. Her approach is based on each individual and their unique way of being in the world.

She's given me new ways to observe and respond to my thoughts and emotions, without getting stuck in an endless loop. It’s also helped in relationships. Sharing my insights with my husband has enriched our relationship immensely. Nicole gives you compassionate guidance and insight to help better understand how you relate to yourself and others, and find ways to elevate your quality of life and steer toward what truly matters.

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