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Leadership Coaching that helps you design a life you love by peeling layers off rather than piling strategies on.

Leadership Coaching that helps you design a life you love by peeling layers off rather than piling strategies on.

Most of the people I work with greet each day with energy and zest.

But by 7am, responsibilities flood in, and that Peter Pan enthusiasm is buried beneath checklists and stress.

SO WHAT DO WE DO? We pile on productivity frameworks, time-management strategies and expert-backed tips…

while neglecting the real gold that’s inside us.

(We just can’t hear it through all that grown up noise.)

If you’re tired of *wasting time* on over-complicated productivity “shortcuts” without any real transformation to show for it, you’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Nicole McDonough.

The only Leadership Coach who will give you homework to take the day off and break a rule.

With an M.S. Ed. in Leadership and deep love of asking good questions, I’ve helped:

40+ 1:1 clients identify their leadership strengths and design a life they love

100s of leaders and entrepreneurs discover their enneagram type, and

500+ students and coaches grow through massive challenges and step into their power

I work with leaders, teams, entrepreneurs, business owners, coaches, therapists and educators on *efficient but deep* ways to lead with insight, empathy and excellence. (I’ve even worked with empty nesters on who am I, what’s next and how do I get there?)

And none of it feels like work.

As a recovering Cinderella turned CEO, I care deeply about empowering you to take risks, use your imagination, and lead with excellence.

When you work with me, you basically get permission to focus solely on the things you love.

(Yep. That means skipping dinner and going straight for dessert.)

You’ll leave our sessions with that Hills-Are-Alive bounce in your steps no longer overwhelmed or paralyzed just how many things are on your plate.

Instead, you’ll feel light, full of ideas, focused and content.

my nightstand is full of

books on the brain, leadership, parenting, relationships, recipes, design and conflict resolution. (Heck yeah I read about team dynamic systems for pure pleasure. Don’t you??! :)

when I’m not coaching

I find inspiration at the library (children’s section of course), hidden antique stores, or around town with my camera

what you should know

I’ve seen firsthand that you don’t have to be Julie Andrews to unlock your Climb Every Mountain moment.

You just have to be willing to laugh, share your story, peel some layers, and watch the life you love unfold with neverland-joy and ease.

Client love

"bite-sized chunks that actually made sense"

After Working with Nicole, I’m able to give myself grace and have a better understanding of how I react to certain situations. This will allow me to become more self-aware and ensure I am making impactful decisions as the CEO of my business. Nicole knows her stuff. She was able to break down abstract meanings and thoughts I had of the enneagram and my scores, into bite-sized chunks that actually made sense.

Jordache Johnson

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be bigger, be louder, be more impactful

The support I felt with Nicole has shifted the way I see myself, my business, and my life in so many positive ways. In my 1:1 coaching with Nicole, I can speak to how much her insight has helped me get to a place where I am excited to be bigger, be louder, be more impactful in my life and my business. If you ever have the opportunity to work with her in any capacity, jump ALL in!

Shannon Busse

Story Strategist & Coach

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